I started my martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do in 1987. I received my Black Belt two years later in 1989 and then stopped training to pursue my college degree in criminal justice. I graduated from Wayne State University in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science.

I started training again in Tang Soo Do and began teaching two nights a week. I received my 2nd Degree Black Belt in March of 1993 and was offered a position as instructor at a full time school.

I started to compete in tournaments in 1994 and was ranked #1 in weapons in the State of Michigan 1995. (MKC)

In January 1996, I began training under Michael Bernardo for the national tournament circuit (NASKA) which includes the United States,Mexico,Guatemala, and Canada. I finished 10th in weapons. (NASKA) In October of 1996 I created the Karate and Fitness Center.

In 1997, I continued my tournament competition and finished 12th in weapons (NASKA) and 5th in forms (NASKA). In November,I left the organization to open my own school which teaches Shorinji Ryu as its main focus. The current system focuses on personal development of each student and not just their physical ability.

In 1998, I finished with a rank of 4th in the World (NASKA) in weapons and a rank of 5th in forms (NASKA). I received my Sho Dan (1st Degree Black Belt) from Michael Bernardo onDecember 4th, 1998.

In 1999, I continued competing and finished 4th in the World (NASKA) in Japanese Forms, 5th in the World (NASKA) in Hard Style Weapons, and 5th in the World (NASKA) in Middle Heavyweight Sparring. This marked the end of my competing in tournaments. OnDecember 3rd, 1999 I was granted special permission to grade and received my Ni Dan (2nd Degree Black Belt) from Michael Bernardo.

In 2003, I worked hundreds of hours to improve the teaching methodology and system within Karate and Fitness Center. In October I unveiled this new system to many of the students delight. This teaching methodology is still in place today and has helped the school grow into a major education center for people of all ages. In December, I was awarded my San Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt).

2004 through 2006 was spent studying child development. I spent thousands of hours creating programs to help parents. These programs include the Black Belt Parenting or Inner Circle Program - This 12 month program gives parents a complete education on successful parenting skills, and The 7 Worst Things Good Parents Do Seminar – this program discusses in complete detail the most common problems parents face with their children, and explains techniques and methods for correcting those problems.

In July 2006, I began working with Keith Hafner. Master Hafner runs one of the most successful child development schools in North America with over 800 students. The purpose was to improve “HOW” we teach and to learn better ways to communicate, motivate, and encourage students to be successful.

November 2006 saw the start of the “Annual Turkey Brigade”. I wanted to help local families in need and teach the children about community service. The Turkey Brigade was the perfect solution. 20 families received a complete turkey dinner for the holiday. Students put the food together in a basket and delivered each basket to the family. The plan is to grow this program each year until the students are helping hundreds of families each year.

June 1 2007, Karate and Fitness Center became Denny Strecker’s Karate. The name change was made for better identification.

August 2007, I became an author writing several books – Self Defense for Women & ChildrenSuccessful Parenting, and the “Best School Year” Study System which teaches parents how to work with their child and teach them how to study and earn better grades.

October 2007, I introduced the Character for Kids program where children are able to earn a Black Belt in Character, as well as, their Black Belt in Karate.

December 1, 2007 – Denny Strecker earned his 4th Degree Black Belt.

July 2008 – I partnered with the Better Kids Institute with the goal to offer better tools to parents who are struggling with their child’s confidence or self-esteem.

September 2008 – I partnered with the National Leadership Team with the goal to educate the students how to complete community service projects giving them hands on practice with their Leadership Skills.

December 2008 – I partnered with Volunteers of America to help families in need celebrate the Christmas Holiday. The school adopted 30 families and made sure they had enough food for a happy X-mas dinner and presents for each child in the home.

January 2009 – Black Elementary School PTO partnered up with me to teach a five week confidence course to their students and all proceeds were donated to Black Elementary School.

February 2009 – I created the Parentology Program. This program is an ongoing educational tool for parents to learn how to improve their parenting skills and help their children develop confidence, self-esteem, respect and leadership.

March 2009 – Fitzgerald High School hired me to teach a Confidence Course to their “at risk” students.

February 2010 – Denny Strecker's Karate hosted a Kick-a-thon Seminar to raise donations for the American Red Cross to help the victims of Haiti. Over $2,000 was raised and 100% of that money went directly to the Red Cross.

December 2011 - I earned my Go Dan Rank (5th Degree Black Belt) and was awarded the title of Shihan which is Japanese for Master Teacher.

The entire year of 2012 was spent on adding to the curriculum so that students would learn a lot more self defense and physical skills. The Block system was introduced which included the study of weapons, History of various martial arts, self defense techniques and forms.

January 1, 2014 - I returned home with moving the karate school from Warren to Troy. I grew up in Troy attending Bemis Elementary, Boulan Park Middle School and Troy High. It was a great feeling to be able to bring everything my program has to offer to the community I grew up in.

December 2014 - I was awarded my 6th Degree Black Belt.

2015 and 2016 were spent redesigning the curriculum and introducing the SKILLZ Program to the students.

 July 2017 - I became a Best Seller Author on Amazon with my 1st book, "How to Double Your Child's Confidence in Just 30 Days".