Acts of Kindness – Francesca

On Friday, my friend and I went to partridge mall to see the movie Insergent. We decided to go about 2 hours early and walk around. As we were walking around, we decided it would be great if we went around giving honest compliments to strangers. All of them being 100% true. Also, my favorite part was when we did give people compliments and saw how much their faces just light up. I’ll admit, it did help with my 300 acts of kindness but I was doing more for the people then me. Cause I know I love getting compliments and so I wanted to spread the greatness of compliments. Just one compliment can make the persons day, especially if they weren’t having the best day. It also feels really good to give someone a compliment. We were enjoying that so much that time just flew by. In the end we had to sit in the first row of the movie theatre.

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