Belt Presentation

Of course before belt presentation, we had prep class. But today was a test day. Anyways 30 mins before belt presentation started, Shihan told us there will be a secret of some source that we will all have to do.

When people started to come in, we all had friendly talks. We were also talking to the ones that were going to present and to the parents too. At 9:45 we gathered everyone up and reviewed the katas and self-defenses they will have to preform. I led the advance group. I started them off with a warm up. Then with the help of other members of Prep class, we led them with katas and eventually self-defenses. Afterwards all prep members introduced themselves to people they don’t know and see who are they here to support.

The secret: Preforming Empi while reciting the ABC’s. I say it went well. We did something similar like this years ago but not until recently.

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