Birthday Dinners and Belt Presentation

On Friday,  when I came back from school we had reservations at Texas de Brazil. Why we were going to Texas de Brazil? Because so we can celebrate both my little brother’s and dad’s birthday. My little brother Jestin, has his birthday on Oct 4th. My dad has his birthday on Oct 5th. At around 5:45 we left to go to downtown Detroit. While going through downtown Detroit, I see the amazing buildings at night including many of the old buildings. It was amazing. When we arrived at Texas de Brazil, we were seated immediately. The restaurant is a Brazilian barbecue where the servers walk around with meats and you chose if you want that certain meat or not. After dinner we waited at the entrance of the building looking at the surrounding buildings at night. Afterwards we went home. With that said, Happy birthday to my little brother Jestin and my Dad!

After Friday night I woke up on Saturday morning to go to Prep class. My mom was able to take me to Prep class as she took the day of yesterday. When we arrived at class we did warm up, sparring drills, and self-defense. After self-defense we practice our katas and separated into 1st degree candidates and 2nd degree candidates. I was with Quin and Grace and we practice ‘Empi’. The main goal of practicing was to try and stay together. Grace and I acknowledged that on Thursdays class and came up with ways to stay synchronized. One of the main points was to take a 2 second break in the middle or breathe and then go. When we had that planed we stayed together very well. When the presentation started we sat and watched others presenting on what they know. This presentation was special because not only was the beginners, intermediates, and advance testing. So was the black belts and us presenting.When the black belts preformed they preformed their long kata, they stayed together well and did every move with precision (Later when my mom and I were talking she said they did amazing and forget to record). When they were done the 1st degree candidates (us) were next to preform. When we preform ‘Empi’ I notice that we were synchronized and “flip the switch” from our normal mood to a martial artist expression. When we were done the 2nd degree candidates when after us and preformed their kata. But Saturday was a great Belt Presentation and good job to everyone who received their belts/chevrons!

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