Getting the most out of High school

Ever since I started high school I was told to make the most out of your last four years. When I heard that, I just push it aside. But recently it hit me. I only have about three more years of high school then its off to college. I realized I need to make the most out of my last three years of high school.

To start I went to a game last Friday. It was the last home game of the year and a couple of friends were going. I actually biked to the game (I think the main reason why I don’t usually sign up for anything after school is because I have no one to pick me up afterwards). Biking there wasn’t a problem, so with that in mind I realized that I could go to after school activities more then I thought. When I arrived I paid and walked in. I quickly saw them and went over to them. Before we went to the stands we went to the food and drinks area and got hot chocolate. When we went to the stands we only stayed there for the first quarter. We all decided it was too crowded. They then tell me about a spot they go to all the time during the game. We went off the stands and went to a hill by the side of the field, and it was much better then the stands. The rest of the game consist of hot chocolate and cheering. At the end of the 4th quarter it was tied. However both coaches did not want a tie so they decided to go on (Big mistake). At the end, we ended up losing. Even though we lose I still had fun. My advice, do not go alone to a football game because of two reasons: 1) Its more fun that way and 2) Its an open event. There is still people from past years that attend and they can be crazy. You will be much safer that way.

But after going to the football game, I am already planning on going to a bunch of after school events. I just need to make the most of my high school experience.

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