“It’s too COLD for this!!”

I remember last Halloween. It was raining so I didn’t go out. Yet I still went out this Halloween when it was raining and 30-40 degrees.

Last Halloween it was not a happy one for my little brother. So to make it up we took him to his friends house and they trick or treat there. But unlike last year, this one was much MORE WORSE! But we stayed outside for a bit. I didn’t trick or treat because of multiple reasons but lets just say I didn’t had a costume. But it was great for my little brother and his friend, the reason why is because since not many people go out that night they get more candy. I remember hearing other moms say “It’s too COLD for this!!”. I couldn’t agree with them more. After about 15 mins we went back into their house.

We were greeted with hot chocolate and we ate dinner at their house.I remember to use my table manners and say thank you. I then help clean up when we were done. Then they played until we have to go so we can sleep for Prep class in the morning.

I wonder what next year Halloween will be like…

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