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Three. More. Weeks.

Its hard to believe its only three more weeks until of final exam takes place. Its like time flew by. I have been studying and doing all my katas and self-defenses. Also doing my acts of kindness and reading.

Prep class has started with a warm up of 10 jumping jacks, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, and 10 squats for each candidate. Afterwards we worked on self-defenses- as we all decided that is the most time we need to spend on. After self-defenses we put on our sparring gear to face each other. We did 14 rounds in total. 7 of the rounds was sparring one and one each candidate or you are on the mirrors. However the other 7 was something different, something I never did before until this day. The person who was remaining out of the 7 candidates and had to go on the mirror was put on a team. What I mean about this was that we did two vs one. All I have to say about this if you ever have to go 2 vs 1, stay calm. You can easily panic and you won’t know what to do. And don’t be between the both of them. Try to position yourself so you are facing one for a period of time. ¬†Because once you hit on target the other goes after you. Afterwards we worked on katas and sat down a discuss topics.

Everyday I am aiming to get as much of acts of kindness as possible. What have I been doing is mainly helping teachers with tasks, holding the door for people, giving a pencil to someone who needs one, and mainly helping other students.

As I have been saying, I have been working on a series called “The Heroes of Olympus”. I read an average about 20 mins- 40 mins a day. At the moment I am one book four “The House of Hades”.

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