Prep class without Shihan?

Prep class was not normal on Saturday morning. I was even debating whether or not if this is a class so I can sign in (I signed in).

To start it off the time was different. We started on 9:30am to 12:00pm. We were at the karate school for 2.5 hours. We had the big floor for 30 mins before we had to move to classroom three for the Beginners class. Then at 10:00am we moved outside on the parking lot to give classroom three to the core class. Then at 11:00am we moved back inside to practice in classroom three till 12:00pm.

During the 2.5 hours at the karate school. We practice katas, self-defenses, Arnis drills, and staying together. Mainly I practice with Graciey. When we were all outside on the park lot we all worked on Doces Pares 10 times. Our main focus is staying together (The first time we tried to do this together it was a disaster). We stayed together very well.

The main focus of the 2.5 hours is to help us be even more prepared for Nov 8.

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