School & Thursday’s night class

I woke up at 5:30am and waited for the bus at 6:40am. When I arrived at my school I looked at my six classes. My six classes was Web design, Geometry, Physics, World History, Power reading, and English 10. What is different about High school is that you don’t often have your friends in your class (at least in my school). This gives me the opportunity to make meet new people and possibly make new friends. I also help 9th graders find their classes and/or help them where they are confused. I want to make them feel welcome and for them to know around the school.

Thursday’s night’s class: I arrived at the karate school at approximately 6:10pm to help with the intermediate-advance class. As I walked in I saw the beginners doing animal kingdom. I put my stuff away and went into classroom three and did my 1 set of 25. I have to do 1 set of 25 for 4 days every week (as I said in eariler posts this was required every week for Black belt Prep class).  After my exercise I waited until class started.

After we gotten everyone lined up, I was told by Shihan to start class from being in Black Belt Prep class.
I started warm up with 3 sets of ten and then the 25 count warm up. Shortly afterwards I worked with the advance belts with their requirements. We were able to do Champions kata, 2 count basics, Creative form, and 4 corner blocking (1 through 8, 8 through one in Spanish and English).

Later in the class they have done the balloon focus drill – but by only using their feet. Afterwards we bowed out of class and I went to the Adults class.

The adult’s class was abnormally large. Usually the intermediate-advance class was huge and the adult’s class was small. But today seemed to be the opposite (possibly from Labor Day). After our warm up we worked on the self-defense Escape, Contain, and Destroy. I was practicing with Tyler when doing this drill. We worked on the drill for a good part of the class. Occasionally Shihan demonstrates a self-defense with one of the teens in class. With the help of the demonstrations we also learn to contain better with the choke hold. We also learn to destroy with sweeps. The remainder of class basically consist of curriculum and ab ripper.

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