Take Fire drills seriously

On Wednesday my school conducted a fire drill as required by the government. Every time I do the fire drill, it brings back memories when there was actually a fire at my school…

Before I even started karate and was still in elementary school, there was a fire that took place. I remember every detail about it. I was sitting near the teacher’s desk doing math and an announcements came on. I was not able to hear what they said but I saw my teacher went into an ‘alarm’ state and quickly ran to her desk to grab her walk-talkie. Then all the sudden the fire alarm came on. We quickly evacuated the school. At that time I thought it was a drill- until the fire trucks came. They put out the fire that happened in the cafeteria. It turns out that an electrical problem caused the fire. The irony is that we were scheduled to do a fire drill later that day.

There was much more that happen. When you do a fire drill at your school, please take it seriously. Because up till that day, I thought a fire will never happen at my school.

As for my Black belt Prep class requirements. I had been working on the satori challenge. My little brother and my mom have been working with me too. I finish my book “The Lost Hero” and I thought it was a great book! If you have the chance read this book!

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