What happened at Warren Mott on Monday

If you saw any of the  local  news today, you would of seen my school, Warren Mott, on the headlines.

It started like a normal day, going to classes, learning, laughing, and doing work. Then came lunch. I noticed one of my friends was at lunch very early. Which was unusual. But I over looked it and got my lunch. When I sat down to eat, the same friend explain to me what she witness when a student was unconscious in the pool.

She was at the pool and then something happen. They saw a student unconscious in the pool. The gym teacher told everyone to get out of the pool and call 911,he then quickly dived into the pool and got the student out of the water. The teacher then began to preform CPR and was able to get the student to breathe. It happen so quickly. The Fire department, paramedics, and the Police department all arrived under 2 mins. I was told by others that they saw the Police run down the hallway towards the pool area.

Just hearing about this shocked me. While talking we were told that Channel 4 has been notified about what happen. Later Channel 7 and Fox 2 news came to Mott. Fox 2 news was over the school with a helicopter and Channel 7 was across the street. Before 5th period there was an announcement saying we are not allowed to go outside to get to classes from all the news coverage. They did not want us to be seen on the news.

I know the student who was unconscious. I knew him since 2nd grade and our family interacts with his family. He even sits with us at lunch after his gym class. While at lunch it seemed empty. Also I know how the swimming class is taught. There is a certified senior lifeguard who watches over a section of the pool when the teacher is helping someone else. The class is safe for everyone. In the end, I hope for the best that he will recover and is well.


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