“Where’s Shihan?”

Shihan was not at the karate school on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So coaching on Thursday was different. To start off the day, I went to the school earlier to help out with the beginners class. Instantly I started to learn the names of the beginners. Coach Zach was the main coach and Coach Blake was there as well to assist.

The class afterwards, the intermediate-advance class was a normal size class with about 20+ students. They have done their warm-up and afterwards we went into a huddle. After we were done discussing the topic, we went into pad work. As I was helping passing out the pads, I have been ask “Where’s Shihan?” and “Is Shihan sick?”. I answered them by saying he was at the East Coast Pro Mac conference. After everyone received a pair of pads, they took a knee and Coach Zach and I demonstrated on what they should have to do.

Afterwards we moved on to curriculum. As usually I had the advance side of the class. Coach Zach told me that we will have about 10 mins for curriculum. When we started, I quickly gathered everyone for a huddle. The reason why is so everyone is able to hear me. It’s hard for everyone to hear me when there is another side of the class doing a kata. I asked everyone how much of Empi they know. The ones who knew the whole kata was Blake, Matthew, and Quin. I decided to take a different way on teaching this kata while keeping them focus and learning Empi, but at the same time having fun. I decided to separate them into two groups. One being lead by Blake, and the other being lead by Quin and Matthew. Both of the groups will  learn Empi at their own pace. And at the end we will come back together and have one group perform Empi followed by the other. While they were practicing I made sure to keep a close eye on them and help them when necessary. When we came back after the 5 mins, we watched both groups perform Empi. After they were done performing, they moved on to Sinawali.  They got to pick a  partner of their choice and started the Double stick drill. At the end of the 10 mins, we have moved on to Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom was normal for classes. You will usually see the coaches at the other side of the classroom giving everyone a high five and cheering everyone on when they completed one round. On Thursday, I had the whole entire side to myself. So if you were at Thursdays nights class, you would see me running left to right cheering everyone on while giving them a high five. Let me tell you, that was a work out. When I also see people getting slower on their animals, I rush to their side and started a race with them.

Overall everything went smoothly.


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