Wrapping things up

Next Saturday is our pretest, and i’m feeling nervous.

Actually feeling nervous is good. That way you will be more alert to what you are doing. But this Prep class was just mainly focusing on katas, self-defense, and kicks. To start off class we focused on kicks. We march across the floor doing either a front kick, roundhouse kick, side kick, hook kick, crescent kick, and a ax kick. When doing the kicks, I focus on my stance and how I well I preform the kick. Next we worked on self-defenses. I was with Mason and Mackenzie, we mainly focus on Lancing hammer, Terminator, and Springing scorpion. We did each self-defense about 15 times. Afterwards we all did katas together as a group. It was sort of a test to see if you know all the katas. We knew all the katas. And thanks to last Saturday’s class we got Doce Pares #5 together as a group.

We ended class earlier then usual. We talked about what we need to have next week in order to test. Most of us finish all of our acts of kindness. We also need to have the packed given to us next Saturday. And for everyone that is in school needs to have a set number of letters of recommendations from their teachers.

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