3 Lessons and 1 Idea

This week in the kids karate classes, we taught 3 great Life Lessons and that gave me 1 Fantastic Idea. You can watch the video above, or if you prefer you can read the blog post below.

Life Lesson #1 – While speaking to the students about goal setting, the discussion turned to “What do you want to do when you grow up?” There were a variety of answers as you would imagine, but then I asked the next question, “So what are you doing right now to learn about that?” The students were stumped. They were not doing anything to learn more about the field that they were thinking about spending their life in. So we spent some time discussing what they thought they COULD do. Answers like, “Google it” came up but I offered them a better and deeper idea. Talk to people in that field and listen. By listening, they could save hundreds of hours of possible mistakes AND thousands of dollars of wasted money. So, they started to look for people they knew in that field that they could speak with at some point. Great lesson I wish I would have known when I was their age.

Life Lesson #2 – In a different kids karate class, I was working with the kids and one of the students said, “I need to stop doing that crescent kick and make it a hook kick.” DING! Light bulb appeared over my head. I stopped class and had the student repeat what they just said. Then I asked the class why that was such an important statement. Crickets……..

I showed them what I was referring to and how they should use this exact idea in their every day life. I said,

“Do you think his hook kick is going to get better now that he knows what mistakes he is making?”

The student’s replied, “Yes.”

I continued, “So the first step in getting better at something is to understand what mistakes you are making and how to fix them.”

In this case, the students have been throwing hook kicks for 6 months or more. BUT, only now did it register in the student’s head what mistakes he was making, so only now can he start to make the kick better. Do you think you can apply this concept at school? Of course! Mistakes are the way we learn how to improve. So go make your mistakes and then make what you are doing better! If I would have been taught this concept at 13 years old, I would have become a whole lot smarter and saved years of grief.

Life Lesson #3 – I was working with some students in the Adult Karate class on their stick drills and there was something missing. Just watching them, I could see that they were not performing to what I expected. So I jumped in and asked them, “What are you thinking about right now?” Both students were a little surprised and weren’t sure how to answer. So I repeated, “Right now! What are you thinking about?” Both students then stated that they were concentrating on the order of the strikes and counting in their head. So I told them that they had to get out of their own head and focus on the goal of the drill. The sticks should be moving so quickly that you overwhelm your opponent and are able to strike them and keep yourself from being hit. They got it and within the next minute, their sticks were flying and the drill looked 100% better. So what is the Life Lesson? If you have a purpose for doing something, you will do a lot better at it. Whether is it martial arts, or chores, or school or your job, you will commit more time and energy to it when  you have a purpose behind it. Think about it. Most kids hate geometry, right. They don’t see a practical use for it so they don’t have a purpose, so it remains hard. BUT, if the teacher can bridge that gap and show the kids why this is important to them and how it can and will be used in their life, they will become more engaged and committed to learning it. (This by the way is a major secret that all phenomenal teachers use in their classroom to get great results.) So, Have A Purpose to everything you do in your life.

You may think that 3 Life Lessons in a week is enough, and it some cases it may be – but this is not one of them. My mind is working all of the time on solving problems and creating solutions (not the same thing by the way) when it comes to teaching kids valuable skills, making my classroom the best in the world, improving communication and teaching techniques with students, etc. So late one night, another light bulb popped up over my head. What if I spent some time working with parents and creating an actual A to Z Blueprint to guide their child to success?

THE ONE IDEA – I am going to work with 4 to 6 parents on a regular basis to create this blueprint. I am not going to charge them anything for this. This is going to become the first focus group of parents who will have full and complete access to my 25 years of working with children to help them make the best decisions and plans for their child. I envision the group meeting once or twice a month for an hour or two to discuss and ask anything they would like input on about any situation they are facing. Then we will create an Action Plan together to help improve that issue.

This cannot be a one size fits all program. Every child is unique and responds differently so the Blueprint has to be unique to that child. That is why I can only accept 4 to 6 people for this Focus Group. This is going to take hundreds of hours of my time to investigate, create, set up, explain, demonstrate and follow up on each step. This is a super opportunity for any parent that wants it. Together, you and I will create a complete personalized blueprint created specifically for your child…….for free!

If you are interested in applying for one of the seats in this focus group, you can email me privately at denny [at] kidsmartialartstroy.com and ask for more information. I am still working out all of the details in my head, so I am not certain what I am looking for, but I am certain, that after speaking with those people who are interested, I will know who I can help the most, and who will truly get the most benefit from the group.

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