A Ninja Trick to Help Kids Turn In Their Homework

Are you frustrated with trying to get your child to turn in their homework?

This seems to be a growing problem with today’s youth. Parents are frustrated and rightfully so. Why would your child do their homework and then decide NOT to turn it in for credit? It is easy to get frustrated at something we don’t understand.

Well, I went on the hunt for some answers so you don’t need to feel frustrated anymore.

I found a great article in Psychology Today that described the problem, explained why it is happening, and had a great suggestion on how to solve it. Watch the video above if you prefer to listen to the information or keep reading and I will tell you what I learned.

The article discussed the number one thing that parents can do to help their child improve their grades is SUPERVISION. It went on to discuss that by actively supervising your child’s schooling, you will be better able to help guide them through the rocky times. By knowing what the have to do for homework and when their tests are, you can help them create a plan to be successful and earn great grades.

BUT, what happens when your child is not on board with that plan and lies about having homework. All parents face this issue at one time or another. You ask your child, “Do you have any homework?” and they answer, “No.” Later on you discover that they did have homework and just did not want to do it.

OR, you do check your child’s homework after they finish it and learn weeks later from the teacher that it never got turned in.

The article went on to discuss why this happens. Starting around age 8, kids want to take control of their environment and rebellion is one of the easiest ways to feel like you have control. By doing the homework, they eliminate the fight with you. By not turning it in, they are looking to have control. This small form of rebellious behavior is your child’s attempt to take control of their life. It is done unconsciously, so don’t get the wrong idea. Your child is not plotting against you or the world. They just want to experience freedom and independence, but don’t know how to go about it yet.

This is where you step in and guide them back to getting on board with getting good grades.

So, how can you change this behavior? Most parents either yell and scream with to no real benefit, or they punish the child expecting the behavior to change. Neither are very effective means to change your child’s behavior.

Instead, think about the biggest fear your child has…….can you guess what it is? Embarrassment. They are scared to death to be embarrassed in front of their friends and classmates. So, if you can link that fear and getting bad grades, you WILL see a change in behavior and in most cases – almost immediately.

This works if your child lies about having homework or fails to give you updates and information from the teacher.

You have a calm conversation and simple say, “I have discovered that I am not getting information that your teacher gave you to give me. So this is what we are going to do…” A change to few words and this works for homework too. “I have discovered that you have told me that you do not have homework when in fact you did, so this is what we are going to do…”

Now here is where you tie their biggest fear to their bad behavior.

“We are going to go to school TOGETHER, and we will walk the halls from class to class TOGETHER, to meet with each of your teachers and get the homework assignments that you need to complete.”

If your child is completing their homework but not turning it in, you can say:

“I have learned that you are not turning in your homework so we are going to go to school in the morning TOGETHER and walk the halls from class to class to meet with each of your teachers TOGETHER, and we will turn your homework in.”

Watch the terror in your child’s eyes as they can already imagine the embarrassment they will face if this were to happen.

They will object…..they will protest…….they may even rant……any of these things are good. It tells you that you have hit the bullseye.

Now you can say, “Well, if you don’t want that to happen, you can fix it yourself. If not, there is no other choice.”

9 times out 10, your child will change their behavior which is the ultimate goal for both you and them.

Can this work if your child is disruptive in class? You bet!

“I have learned that your behavior in class is unacceptable. I have scheduled to take a day off from work next Thursday and I will be sitting next to you all day to help you improve your behavior. I don’t want to have to miss work, and I am not interested in embarrassing you, but I don’t see any other choice if you don’t improve your behavior before then.”

You may hear your child scream, “You can’t do that!??!!!??!!”

Calmly let them know that they have several days between now and then to improve their behavior, or you will have to.

If you do use this technique, you will be pleasantly surprised at how effective it is and how quickly the change in your child’s behavior takes place.

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