How To Prepare Your Child’s Brain For School Every Morning

brainPowerI got the opportunity to run the kids karate classes this week and it was a blast. At one point, I spoke to the parents about the best way to help your

child be ready for school every morning. I mean mentally prepared to learn for the day.  This process is called neurobics, which is the creation of new neural pathways in unconventional ways. These exercises get the left hemisphere speaking to the right hemisphere which will help build more neural pathways in your child’s the brain which will help them learn more and remember better.

Just a few minutes every morning will help your child learn and remember more in school.

Here are some examples you can use:

Exercise #1 – Counting from 1 to 10.  Counting backwards from 10 to 1. Counting to 100 by 10s. Then counting in a different language. etc.

Exercise #2 – Next, instead of numbers, have them give you ten random items: Boy’s Names, Girl’s Names, Superheroes, Villains, Vegetables, Fruits, Songs, etc.

Exercise #3 – Finally, you name an item and your child tells you the color that item is. For example, Grass = green, Sun = yellow, Apple = red.

You can easily find a few minutes each morning, either during breakfast or on the way to school to help your child’s brain prepare for the day ahead.

By investing these few minutes each day, you will give your child the gift of a lifetime with a stronger brain so they will be able to grow up and accomplish everything they set their mind on.

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