Consumer's Awareness Guide - How to Choose the Best Martial Arts School

It saddens me to say there a quite a few martial arts school open that do not have their students best interest in mind.

Some schools mean well, but don't have the proper education and therefore end up hurting their students - either physically, emotionally or sometimes both.

Other schools seem interested in getting as much money as they can from you and don't care about much else.

That is why I created this consumer's awareness guide. To help educate parents on the differences between karate schools and some of the "tricks" that are done to get your money.

Please take the time to read this guide and if you have any questions about finding a good martial arts school, please contact me at (586) 573-3881 or denny[@]



  • Consumer's Awareness Guide
    Consumer's Awareness Guide

    Not All Karate Schools Are Equal! Read this free consumer's awareness guide to learn what questions to ask to make sure you find a good karate school for your needs.