Week 2 of Black Belt Camp

Black Belt Camp is off and running and the students are doing a great job. They have started to review the 11 katas in the system and the ability to learn up to 3 more katas.

The theme for the camp is Excellence In Everything We Do! That means their physical fitness, their self-defense, their basic actions, their katas and their character. The students are doing more exercises than they could ever imagine, and they are putting together a team community service project that will have a positive significant impact on the community.

Taking karate classes at Denny Strecker’s for kids in Warren, Mi is so much more than just punching, blocking and kicking. Kids taking our karate classes learn about having a good attitude, how to develop good habits, staying safe from bullies and strangers, and a whole lot more.

Call us at (586) 573-3881 if you would like to give our program a try.


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